St. Martin de Porres

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Restoration of the St. Martin de Porres Statue

Total Cost: TBD

Interestingly, the statue of St. Martin was made prior to St. Martin's canonization in 1962 by Pope St. John XXIII. The statue has "Bld Martin de Porres" cut into the plaster statue base.

Would you consider helping restore the statue? We are presently awaiting a quote from a local company who will repair and repaint the statue.


From 1940-1970, the diocese had a dedicated Black Catholic Church in Petersburg on Halifax Street, called Holy Family Catholic Church, at what is now Trinity Baptist Church. The rectory was located on 220 Gill Street, Petersburg, directly behind the Church. It looks like it is now a parking lot.
We are presently preparing a wall in the new Commons Conference Room that will include some photos and memorabilia from the parish. Bishop Russell closed the parish in 1970 and provided the continuation of the sacramental life of the the parish's faithful here at St. Joseph. Other than the sacramental records books of the parish and some archival material I was able to have digitized from the diocesan archives, the only item from the Church that I am aware made it down the road is the statue of St. Martin de Porres. 

                     Archive photo of Holy Family Church                       Old Holy Family Catholic Church, now Trinity Baptist Church      Plat of the property for Holy Family Catholic  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Church secured by Fr. Brocktrop of St. Joseph

                    Site of the old Holy Family Rectory on Gill Street

- Fr. Capuano