St. Joseph Children's Choir

St. Joseph Children’s Choir is new this year!!

In addition to building on their music reading skills, students will learn proper tone production, blending, intonation, dynamics and diction.  Music will include hymns for Mass, unison melodies and beginning two and three-part repertoire. 

Choir is an opportunity to sing in a fun, faith-filled environment and to serve the community in song.  Formation, so important to the education of a young person, is a vital component of the choir.   Students in grades 3-8 are encouraged to be a part of the St. Joseph Children’s Choir.  Parents are encouraged to sign up as volunteers.  Come and join the team!!

For more information, contact Anne Marie Donlon: amdonlon@sjcpetersburg.com.

In preparation for the genesis of our new choir, please join us in praying a novena to St. Cecilia from August 22-30.  

St. Cecilia, we confide in your intercession because you generously offered your life as a sacrifice for the love of Jesus, to Whom you were devoted with your whole heart and soul. Jesus will not refuse your prayers. Beg Jesus to grant us this favor:  Dear St. Cecilia, we hail you as the patron saint of music and ask for your support with the St. Joseph Children’s Choir.  Please inspire families to enroll their children in this choir and guide all of the students to grow musically and spiritually.  Foster in them and us a deep love of sacred music so as to provide beauty in our parish, community and world.  For the sake of Jesus Christ, Who filled your heart with pure and heroic love, Who crowned you with the glorious crown of martyrdom, Who permitted your body to remain incorrupt through these many centuries, and Who willed that your memory be praised by the Church at every Holy Day Mass, I earnestly ask you to intercede for me. I resign myself entirely to the Holy Will of God. Help me to imitate your faith and love of God, that I may be ready to make any sacrifice for my Catholic faith. Through your prayers may I someday reach heaven and praise with you the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the loving Spouse of your soul and mine. Amen.