Sanctuary Renovation


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The plan for the sanctuary renovation incorporates the following:

  • Restoration of the soap stone sanctuary floor, and accompanying nave floors
    • Grinding and polishing the floors
    • Replacing sections of patch throughout the church
    • Cutting away the wood floor near the Commons entrance and replacing the wood with soapstone
  • Restoration of the pews
    • Refinish the original pews and ends
    • Replacing the center supports
    • Replacing the kneelers with side-mount kneelers
    • Adding an additional center support to reinforce the center of each pew
    • Restore the flooring under the pews
  • Restore the original main altar and accompanying tabernacle
    • Rebuild the 3 sanctuary steps leading to the altar
      • The top platform will accomodate the original main altar, as well as a newly constituted "main altar" for the future celebration of Mass
        • The original main altar will be used to repose the Blessed Sacrament
        • The new main altar will be used for all Masses
          • The new altar will be raised to the same level as the origianl main altar (3 steps up)

More images to come!