Marian Grotto

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Cost: Partially funded (brick pavers, landscaping); TBD - Cost of Statue

Over the last couple of years we have been preparing for the construction of a Marian grotto in the back courtyard. Presently we have secured significant funding for the project, first through the contributions of members of the Legion of Mary, donations in memory of loved ones who have died in the last couple of years, and the significant cash contributions. 

Lastly, in the last couple of months we were able to secure the donation of landscaping and the construction of the grotto itself. Landscaping has been donated by a parishioner. The Grotto construction, made with the leftover brick and stone from the construction of the hall, will be completed by Melvyn Davies, a local contractor who had a friendly relationship with decesased parishioner, Dennis Sullivan.

The design of the grotto will be loosely based on the architectual elements of the church and the hall to blend in to the overall sitework. The landscaping will be laid out to complement the City landscaping and with an eye to focus the attention in the courtyard to the Marian grotto. Consultation for the various layouts was conducted over the years and recent months with past and current parishioners.

The front square will be largely kept clear to allow for outdoor gatherings and to additionally focus the gaze on the grotto.

Contributions are welcome as we determine the final size and material of the Marian statute. Presently we are locating a rougly 3'5" marble "Our Lady of Grace" statue in Carrerra marble, that will complement the grey Carrerra marble of the Sanctuary Altars.

                          Possible bench(s) to be added to the courtyard                                               Style of possible Our Lady of Grace statue for the grotto

Thank you to all those offering a financial sacrifice in honor of Our Lady! May our good God reward you!

- Fr. Capuano

                          Design Concept #1 from Fr. Anthony Ferguson                                                                   Possible Landscape sketch from a parishioner