Stations of the Cross

Cost: TBD

In 2013, through the generous contribution of parishioners, we were able to purchase the current plaster stations of the cross. The original stations were plaster and mounted in large gothic oak frames. Over the years, the church sustained water damage due to roof issues that destroyed some of the stations. During the 1980s reconfiguration of the interior of the church, the stations were removed and auctioned to support the campaign for renovation. One of the surviving stations is now reframed and hanging near the entrance of the office, it was repainted by former parishioner Steve Carrozza. 

Following the renovation of the nave of the Church, deceased parishioner, George Elko was commissioned to create mounts for small stations of the cross. In 2013 the stations were removed and mounted in the convent chapel at the school, 127 Franklin Street. They are a fitting complement to the chapel.

Would you consider contributing to the repainting and restoration of the current stations

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

- Fr. Capuano