Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows

From the summer of 2012 to the fall of 2020, the parish has been diligent about restoring the iconic windows of St. Joseph Church that are daily viewed by the those traveling west on Washington Ave. As seen in the photo to the left, the large bell tower windows have been restored, with new protective coverings on the exterior of the windows, along with 16 others windows throughout the church. 

Under contract are the six bell tower windows, due to be returned in the fall of 2020 (see 4 of the window frames visible in the image to the left. Additioanlly, 2 of west-facing windows in the nave are due to be restored: The Immaculate Conception/St. Anne window and the Nativity window, due to the generosity of parishoners and the benefactors connected with Trapezium Brewing, Petersburg from the fundrasier hoste on Fat Tuesday, 2019.

Along with the completion of the contract that will pay for the 2 nave windows and 6 bell tower windows, we still have 7 nave windows, and 6 sacristy windows to complete. 

Thank you to all those who have been generous contributors of our stained glass window projects! 

- Fr. Capuano






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