Pews and Floors

Cost: TBD, awaiting bid pricing

As many of you know, we have be enduring for a long time with unstable pews and kneelers in the Church. During the initial reconfiguration of the interior of the nave and sanctuary in the 1980s, under the tenure of the Reverend Arthur Conrad, the original "wall" separators that ran down the entire length of each side of pews was removed and the pews were laid out in a new pattern in the church, with new center supports that never quite fit the pews. During the same renovation, the kneelers were removed.

During the tenure of the Reverend Steven Antes (2006-2009), kneelers were aquired from St. Andrew's, Roanoke and bolted into the floor. The kneelers were original to St. Andrews and were removed and placed in storage during a major renovation of the Church under the tenure of the Reverend Randy Rule. 

In 2013, we began a further renovation of the nave and sanctuary, beginning the process of returning both to their original configuration. At the time the present center supports were maintained. 

During the upcoming construction of the new main altar and tabernacle of repose, we hope to be able to:

1. Remove the pews for restoration, complete with new center supports and a new finish on the pews

2. New side-mounted kneelers and additional supports under each 9' bench

3. Refinish the pine floors under the pews (removing the leftover carpet)

This process will be two-phased. Phase 1: remove the pews and refinish the floors. Phase 2: restore the pews and return them to the nave.

So far, we have collected a small sum for this project. Thank you to those who have already contributed. Thank you in advance to those yet to contribute!

- Fr. Capuano