Schola Sancti Joseph

Schola Sancti Joseph*

St. Joseph Church in Petersburg, VA would like to form a Gregorian schola** which will sing at High Masses in the Extraordinary Form.

If you are interested in joining Schola Sancti Joseph, please contact Anne Marie Donlon at  Depending on the level and ability of those interested, we may form both an advanced ensemble and a beginners group. 

For those interested, it is helpful but not necessary to read chant; in addition to proper vocal production, tone, intonation and blend, fundamentals of reading Gregorian notation will be included in each rehearsal.  While the schola will focus on Gregorian chant, sacred polyphony will also be an integral part of the repertoire. 


* Schola of Saint Joseph

** Schola is Latin for ‘school’ – a Gregorian schola is a School of Gregorian chant



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