Special Projects

We are the inheritors of a parish that came together around the time of the foundation of the diocese. The building that presently stands was begun in 1894 and was consecrated with great fanfare in 1896. This Victorian Gothic beauty is worth presenting to the community, worth protecting for future generations, not simply because of its architectual qualities, but principally, because of what it "speaks" for the sake of the salvation of souls.

Remember, churches were ofen built recognizing the need to catechize the faithful in an organic way. Structures can literally speak. Let's continue to dignify and beatify this inheritance that was offered as a sacrificial offering to the Glory of God by those who came before us. 

What are we working on? Click the links for descriptive pages. Each page has a link to contribute directly to the project. We'll be updating the pages as we have information and photos..and time. We hope to be able to keep up regular communication about all the various initiatives in which we have been engaged to protect the inherititance that so many have sacrfificed for the generational glory of our good God.

Sanctuary Renovation Restoration of the Windows throughout the Church
We have restored 31 windows since 2011.
St. Joseph Grotto
Pipe Organ Oil Paintings throughout the Church
Marian Grotto
Pews and floors Stations of the Cross St. Martin de Porres
Front doors Parking Lot St. Therese of Lisieux