Learning the Creed

Learning the Creed

In a sung liturgy, there are varying degrees of participation which are described in Musicam Sacram, the Church document which deals with sacred music as it relates to the Second Vatican Council.  There are three degrees of solemnity, each with progressively more sung parts.  In striving to learn and implement these degrees in their entirety, we will be singing the Creed.

To assist in learning this beautiful prayer of our faith, here is a link to a sung recording:

The Creed

Also, the Creed can be found in the Worship hymnal (#226).  For several consecutive weeks before we begin singing the Creed, phrases from it will be played on the organ before Mass begins so that everyone can become familiar with the setting.  For those who cannot read music, it would be good to spend a few weeks just listening to it being sung, then as it becomes more familiar, please join in singing.  In presenting the degrees of sung liturgy, "the faithful will be continually led towards an even greater participation in the singing."  [Musicam Sacram #28]