The Season of Lent and Music

       With the liturgical season of Lent approaching, we call to mind some of the signs which will appear in the Church: the purple vestments, the sanctuary devoid of flowers, the rose colored vestments and music of Laetare Sunday.  Not only are there visual representations of this season of preparation, but there are also musical considerations.  The organ, for instance, will not be featured with solo music, but ‘appears’ only if needed, to sustain singing.  As the General Instruction on the Roman Liturgy states, “…the celebration of the Eucharist, like the entire Liturgy, is carried out by means of perceptible signs by which the faith is nourished, strengthened and expressed….”  Lent is a penitential time of preparation which is reflected in the Sacred Liturgy.  This time of preparation cultivates and nurtures the soul so that at Christmas when the flowers return again to abundantly adorn the sanctuary, the choir rejoices in song, the sound of the organ bursts forth and the Easter vestments appear, our hearts too, are lifted up as is Our Lord in His Resurrection.

Our Lenten season will begin with the addition of the Kyrie and the Agnus Dei from Mass VIII.  Below are recordings of each.

        Kyrie from Mass VIII, popularly known as the Mass of the Angels [Worship #296]


    Agnus Dei from Mass VIII, popularly known as the Mass of the Angels [Worship #310]